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Trade representative: Russian companies take interest in cooperation with Iran

Tehran, December 26 – RIA NEWS. Russian companies are still interested in working with Iran despite any US sanctions against Tehran, says Rustam Zhiganshin, Russia’s trade representative in Iran.

Moscow finds such cooperation quite promising, the number of those Russian companies who seek for Iranian partners has grown, he added.

“Presently the Russian side is interested in cooperation in various economic spheres, such as oil and gas industry, electric power industry, mining, metallurgical industry, agriculture, healthcare, transport, automobile industry”, replied Mr. Zhiganshin to the question about the interest of Russian companies in Iran amid the US sanctions.

Answering the question about cooperation in oil and gas field, the trade representative said that the impact of the sanctions "could not but affect the actions of a number of companies".

Many of them are represented on the Iranian market by their subsidiaries, he added.

At the same time, Mr. Zhiganshin says, we can see that agricultural companies become more active. They are not subject to the sanctions, and that makes it reasonable for them to cooperate with Iran.

In May 2018 the USA unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and re-imposed sanctions against Tehran, including secondary sanctions, i. e. against other countries doing business with Iran.

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